Interviews and Technology

Interviews and Technology. Doÿ not plagiarizeTechnological changes have impacted health and human service delivery in recent years. Understanding how compliance, security, and confidentiality are impacted by these changes will be paramount as the profession moves further into the 21st century.Explain how technology has changed and influenced the delivery of human service in recent decades in a 750- to 1,050-word paper.Explain and provide examples of the role of compliance, security, and confidentiality in relation to technical platforms.Identify and demonstrate the following:What are the various types of technology used in health and human services? Think in terms of management information systems, Internet, phone/video conferencing, audio recordings, assistive technologies, spreadsheets, and networking.ÿHow do health and human service providers use technology for mandated reporting, make direct referrals, and locate and access resources?How does technology support client searches and applications for programs and services?How does technology bridge clients in rural areas to services and programs?What is the compliance standard when using technology in health and human services?How does a provider secure private and confidential client information?What are a few ethical concerns relating to the use of technology in service delivery?Support your research by providing 3 to 5 different scholarly articles.Always use complete and correct APA format

Interviews and Technology


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