Introduction. ByÿSaturday, May 6, 2017, post your work to thisÿDiscussion Area. For this first discussion assignment, compose a response that addresses all of the following:Begin by discussing your program of study and your career goals. How did you find yourself on this path? What drew you to this area of study, and what are some of your specific interests in the field? What do you hope to do with your degree when you graduate?After you?ve completed the first part of your response, begin thinking of potential essay topics that are related to your academic or career interests. List three preliminary topics that you could potentially develop into fully researched, persuasive essays over the duration of this class. Be sure to include enough information so that your instructor and your classmates can get a good idea of what each topic might entail?you may need to write two or three sentences to adequately explain each topic idea.250-300 words. No spacing.ÿI have my basic introduction that I use for each class it just needs some adjustments to meet the requirements of the assignment.——————————————————————————————————-Good Morning Class,ÿMy Name is Erica Fernandez, 28 years old from New Orleans but I’m currently in Atlanta, Ga. I am presently working full-time as a medical assistant in the Pain Management Field. I have been working in pain management dealing with chronic pain and unfortunately drug seeking patient’s for the past 5 years which has been a gift and curse. I am currently pursing my Bachelor’s in Psychology concentrating in substance abuse.ÿI chose this due to the many people I see struggling with addiction in pain management and wanting to help them but not being able to. I love to help those in need and aspire to help others in making positive changes in their life through guidance, inspiration and positive influence. In the future, I plan to work with with private pain management specialist in hopes of helping those who possess current addictions or have suffered from substance abuse in the past receive adequate treatment and pain management without relapse. My current psychology knowledge comes from reading many books in relation to depression and anxiety in hopes of better understanding my own circumstances. With the subject being so extensive, in the next five weeks I plan to learn more about theories surrounding human mind development and how to categorize behaviors and brain activity. There are various approaches to meet the constant change in society. I only foresee that in the future I can perhaps come up with my own approaches to apply to my established and forthcoming comprehension in my life and career.



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