IT services and cloud computing

IT services and cloud computing. MODULE 2-CASE STUDY: MUST USE THESE REFERENCES!!:Navavati, M., Colp, P., Aiello, B., & Warefield, A. (2014). Cloud security: A gatheringstorm. Communications of the ACM. 57 (5), 70?79.Lango, J. (2014). Toward software defines SLA?s. Communications of the ACM.57(1), 54?60.Galup, S. D., Dattero, D., Quan, J., & Conger, S. (2009). An overview of IT servicemanagement. Communications of the ACM, 52(5). 124?127. [ACM digital library]Carter, P. E. (2010). IT service value creation in a global environment. Journal ofGlobal Information Technology Management, 13(4), 4?29. [ProQuest]Katzan, H. (2010). On an ontological view of cloud computing. Journal of ServiceScience, 3(1), 1?6. [ProQuest]Chang, V., Bacigalupo, D., Wills, G., & Roure, D. E. (2010).Categorization of cloudcomputing business models. Retrieved from is an interesting TED talk from Tim Berners Lee who invited the World WideWeb. He provides a thought provoking talking on open source data on the webprovide through cloud computing. may also find it useful to review the corporate statements on IT servicesprovided by some of the biggest corporate names in the business? this is how they are pitching the idea to their current and hoped for corporate and governmentclients:IBM IT servicesHP servicesOracle servicesIn addition, the optional readings expand on many of the central points? you mayalso want to do some independent research of your own to clarify any issues thatconcern you.ÿWhen you have read through the articles and related material, please compose a 4-6 page critical analysis paper, following the general point/counterpoint model described below, on the topic:”Cloud computing and IT Services”Provide a discussion on the benefits and issues of cloud computing. When shoulda firm purchase its IT services from the Cloud? What is the implication for IToversight and the firm?s governance of those systems? If the firm moves to anOpen Source environment, how will its data be secured and strategic advantagegained over the competition?MUST HAVE LESS THAN 3% TURNITIN SCORE. ALL REFERENCES SHOULD BE AND MUST BE CITED IN-TEXT AND ON REFERNCE LIST. APA FORMAT

IT services and cloud computing


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