it10. The focus of the research paper is Data Leakage.ÿ How does data leakage occur in an organization?ÿ What are the common causes of this problem?ÿ How would use address this troublesome trend? Use your textbook, internet, and other publications to research this topic.ÿ The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the assignment itself.Paper Requirements & RubricsAPA Format – Number of Pages: 2 ? 3 pages not including Cover, Table of Contents and References.Safe ? Assignment comparison will be done – (Please reference the description below for this week and subsequent weeks.)WU RELEASE STATEMENT: The material submitted for this assignment may be screened by the student and/or the instructor for similarity of content by Blackboard?s SafeAssign feature. The purpose of this feature is to help educate the student about the proper citation of borrowed content and to protect the student against plagiarism. The submitted material will be checked against academic databases, internet documents, and student papers from both Wilmington University and other institutions. The final draft of submitted material will become part of the Wilmington University database. The student may also voluntarily submit the material to the SafeAssign Global Reference Database, which helps to protect the originality of the student?s work across institutions. For more information about plagiarism and citation conventions, please reference plagiarism, Proper content.Good quality needed



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