jane the tutor please

jane the tutor please. Assignment 2: Crime in the MediaResearch current newspaper or magazine articles related to crime using the print or online news media. Tasks: Select two articles or news stories to which you can apply psychological theories of criminal behavior. Psychological theories include examining personality traits, intelligence, and mental illness. Write an analysis of each article or news story addressing the following:Describe the crime depicted in the article.How is criminal justice system portrayed?What feelings or reactions are evoked in you by the article?How would you explain the reported criminal behavior using at least two theories from the psychological perspectives to each article or news story?Give a complete citation for the selected articles and include a digital copy, if possible.Write a 2?3-page log entry in Word format. ApplyÿAPA standards to citation of sources.By Wednesday, May 31, 2017, deliver your assignment to the M2: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

jane the tutor please


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