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job package. Subject: Job Application Package AssignmentFYI: ÿUpload all the pieces in one document or at least at the same time. ÿCanvas deletes prior submissions in a dropbox. ÿAngel did not do this.Job Application PackageÿI am applying for aÿconsultantÿeng in a company called MAB consult.You will write and put together a job application package for any job or internship you want.ÿ It should contain the following materials (each part is worth 25 points):A r‚sum‚ detailing your education and job experience. ( B.S in petroleumÿeng, sponsoredÿstudent by ARAMCO, worked as an intern in ARAMCO, worked in a non-profitÿthat tackles diabetes in Saudi Arabia)A cover letter addressed to the employer you are interested in. This letter should highlight your education and experience.A memo addressed to me answering two of the possible interview questions written below.You will follow the r‚sum‚, cover letter, and memo formats from the Penn State Career Services website.ÿ This assignment will be graded on your attention to format, style, audience, and editing (obviously it should be free of all errors, especially if you want the job).For the interview questions, please respond to two of these questions in your memo:Tell me why you are qualified for this job.What interests you about this job and our company/ organization?Tell me about a problem you once had and how you solved it.What is the toughest decision you have had to make?Tell me about a time when you were on a team, and one of the members wasn?t carrying his or her weight. How did you address the situation and what was the outcome?Describe the type of manager you prefer.We are looking at a lot of great candidates; why are you the best person for this position?

job package


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