Journal Article Summary

Journal Article Summary. This assignment requires a single evidence-based, peer-reviewed journal article, not an opinion publication or one reviewing or summarizing multiple writings or researchers’ experimental studies.ÿ Evidence-based means the article reports on a single experiment conducted by an article’s author(s).ÿ Peer-reviewed means an article in an academic journal that had to be approved by the journal’s editorial panel of scientific discipline experts.ÿ Trade journals and commercial/popular publications do not qualify for the assignment.ÿBecause it reports on a single article, this assignment will only have one publication, the article you are summarizing, listed in the required APA formatted attached Reference list. ÿThis paper will include a description of the article?s main focus, a description of the experimental methodology (including the study sample, measures and analyses used, etc.), discussion of the results and related conclusions reached by the article?s authors, and a substantive closing paragraph describing two to three future research ideas inspired by the article.Required page length is 3 pagesIssues in Psychology Article Summary TopicsAddictionADHDAgingAlzheimer’sAngerAnxietyAutismBipolar DisorderBullyingDeath & DyingDepressionDisabilityDissociative DisordersDiversityEating DisordersEthics in Research and PracticeFalse Memory SyndromeHate CrimesHIV & AIDSHypnosis TreatmentImpact of Violent Media ExposureMental Health of the IncarceratedMilitary Mental HealthNatural DisastersObesityPost-Traumatic Stress DisorderSafety & DesignSchizophreniaSexualitySuicideTesting IssuesTraumaViolenceWorkplace Issues

Journal Article Summary


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