Journal Assignment Final

Journal Assignment Final. JOURNAL ASSIGNMENTChapter 15 ? Majors and Careers: Making the right choiceÿPLEASE SKIP QUESTION 8VIDEO:ÿ!Directions: See Grading Rubric Below and Example Attached, please use the attached file as a reference along with the video below.Each chapter of this book will ask you to write reflectively about the material you have just read. What did I learn? What?s the most valuable thing(s) I learned? What doesn?t work for me? Why doesn?t it work and how can I make it work? This is another way to remember the content of the chapter, so you might try it with your other classes as well.Work in a Word Processor. Click on ‘Submit Assignment’ÿand Copy/paste the questions into the text box. Answer all the questions. Save on your computer before submitting to your instructor.ÿOr, Attach your file to assignment.ÿImportant! Be sure to use quotes/examples from the textbook and reference with page numbers for eachÿquestion. You may also use the PowerPoint for reference. Please state the slide number. Use PowerPoint reference only occasionally per week and when appropriate. Your main reference source is the textbook. Put your reference numbers in parenthesis. Example: (pg. 10 or slide 11)You may also use web or module video reference which must beÿunderlined.**View the provided video in Chapter 15 Module!**”How to Graduate College with a Job you Love and with Less Debt”You will benefit from watching it!1. How can you survive in the current economy? Be specific.2.ÿHow are majors, interests, and careers linked? What are your interests and how can you link them to a career?ÿ3.ÿWhat internal (feelings, emotions) and external (parents, peers) influences have affected your thoughts about majors and careers? How does that make you feel?4.ÿ What other majors and/or careers have you been thinking about? Why do these appeal to you? If you?re not considering other careers and majors, why are you dead set on the one you?ve chosen?ÿ If you are not thinking about any major or career, why?5.ÿ What is the one idea, concept, or activity that you are passionate about? Have you taken it into account as you decide on a major? Explain.6.ÿ List ten careers associated with your passion and ten associated with your skills. Are there any that appear on both lists? How do you feel when you review the lists (excited, nervous, hopeless, etc.)? What might your feelings be telling you?You do not need reference for questions #7, #8, #9.ÿ7. What was the most important thing you learned from watching the video?8. ÿ Please tell me your future educational plans. Classes you will take at Cabrillo? Or, are you transferring? Where? Attach your Ed Plan to this assignment or write out the planned classes here. If you are graduating Cabrillo this semester and/or not continuing college, describe in detail your future career plan. What research have you done and how have you prepared yourself?Your Ed Plan can be for continuing at Cabrillo orÿ transfer to a university depending on your personal situation. Go to Cabrillo College Articulation webpage to help you with choosing classes:http:/ÿ(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site./ÿÿ(Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.If you have questions about this assignment,ÿ email me within this course.You may also use the new student tool in Cabrillo Webadvisor called “Student Planning” to plan your classes. If you do not know how to use this tool, a counselor will help you. Or, you can get instructions and go toÿthe counseling webpage.If you do not attend Cabrillo, (still in HS, attend UCSC, Monterey Peninsula, etc. or live in another city, state), tell me what you are doing at your college or school.9.ÿ Is there anything else on your mind this week that you?d like to share with your instructor? If so, add it to your journal entry.In a new and separate message, respond to the following…..1. I already know what I want to do. Why do I have to go through all these Career Assessments and boring stuff?2. How will I know I will have the skills and competencies I need to get a good job when I graduate?Journal Grading RubricJournal Grading RubricGuidelines for Journal ChaptersFull Points Credit – 50ÿúÿÿThoroughly and Completely answers each questionúÿÿGives personal thought as to how chapter material applies to youúÿÿStates examples from textbook and gives reference page numbers from textbook for each answerúÿÿExplains personal situations as related to the materialHalf Points Credit – 49 – 25úÿÿAnswers each question with one sentenceúÿÿShows little personal thought as to how chapter material applies to youúÿÿGives some or no examples from textbook and some or no reference page numbers from textbookúÿÿHas no personal situations as related to the materialUnder Half Points Credit -24 – 0úÿÿDoes not answer each questionúÿÿUse of yes/no answers with out explanationúÿÿLacks any personal thought about the chapter materialúÿÿDoes not attempt the assignment

Journal Assignment Final


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