Leadership style discussion

Leadership style discussion. Leadership StyleThroughout your career, you will work with many people who display differing leadership styles. As a nurse leader, it is imperative that you communicate well and get along with those whose leadership style does not align with your preferences. It is also important to understand your own leadership style, as this can prompt insight into how others relate to you and what skills you may need to develop as your leadership responsibilities grow.To prepare:Review the information in the Learning Resources, including the leadership styles identified in Chapter 2 of the course text.Bring to mind a leader in your organization or one with which you are familiar. Would you describe his or her style as authoritative, democratic, or laissez-faire? Why?Which characteristics or approaches demonstrated by this person would you integrate into your own leadership style? Which ones would you prefer not to integrate?Think about how this leader?s style and resulting interactions may impact health care quality and patient outcomes.By Day 3Postÿa description of a leader, distinguishing his or her style as authoritative, democratic, or laissez-faire. Describe the characteristics that inform your perception, and explain which ones you would integrate into your own leadership style, as well as which ones you would prefer not to integrate. Explain at least one potential effect of this leadership style on health care quality and patient outcomes.Required ReadingsMarquis, B. L., & Huston, C. J. (2015).ÿLeadership roles and management functions in nursing: Theory and applicationÿ(8th ed.).ÿPhiladelphia, PA: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins.Review Chapters 2 and 3Azaare, J., & Gross, J. (2011). The nature of leadership style in nursing management.ÿBritish Journal of Nursing,ÿ20(11), 672?676, 678?680.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.The authors examine the different styles of leadership that nurse managers use and discusses how staff nurses in their study preferred managers who use a proactive, articulate, and independent leadership style.Benoliela, P. ÿ&ÿ Somecha, A. (2014). The health and performance effects of participative leadership: Exploring the moderating role of the Big Five personality dimensionsÿEuropean Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 23(2), 277?294. doi:10.1080/1359432X.2012.717689Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Graham, S., & Melnyk, B. M. (2014). The Birth of a Healthcare Leadership Academy: Lessons Learned From The Ohio State University.ÿNurse Leader,ÿ12(2), 55?74. doi:10.1016/j.mnl.2014.01.001Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

Leadership style discussion


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