Legal Memorandum/Contract Law

Legal Memorandum/Contract Law. Isabella wanted to have herself immortalized for time and eternity and contracted with Brush to paint her portrait for $2500 to be ready for an upcoming dedication ceremony.ÿ Brush is in such high demand that it would be a huge boost to Isabella?s stature to have someone as famous and talented as Brush to paint her portrait.ÿ One month before he was to start, Brush accepted an offer from Ferdinand to paint his portrait for $3500 and notified Isabella that he would not be painting her portrait and that he would be painting Ferdinand?s portrait.ÿ Chapeau, another painter, is willing to paint Isabella?s portrait in time for the dedication for $4500.ÿ Isabella wants Brush to paint her portrait and wants the court to order Brush to paint her portrait.Your firm is Isabella?s counsel and the firm?s senior partner has come to you for 2-3 page memorandum on Isabella?s rights and liabilities at common law, if any, in the case.This assignment is on Remedies for Breach of Contract. Needs to be double spaced in APA format.

Legal Memorandum/Contract Law


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