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Let me know if you need something else okay.. Poster Design: General Principles of Exercise PrescriptionBefore you can design an exercise regimen for a special population, you need to be cognizant of the general principles of an exercise prescription. After reviewing Chapter 7 of your course text, you now have the opportunity to design a poster entailing the general principles of exercise prescription. You may use the enclosedÿPowerPoint poster templateÿor any other poster template of your choice.Be sure to include the following elements within your poster:Selectÿoneÿtarget audience for your poster design:Beginning or deconditioned exercisersIntermediate exercisersAdvanced or very experienced exercisersOlder adultsCompile the FITT-VP evidence-based recommendations forÿeachÿof the following:Cardiorespiratory enduranceResistance exerciseFlexibility exerciseNeuromotor exerciseSelect images to make your poster visually appealing for your target audience.Feel free to add additional comments and elements, as desired. Have fun being creative!The Poster Design: General Principles of Exercise Prescription AssignmentMust include all elements, as outlined in the prompt. APA style formatting, as outlined in theÿAshford Writing Center, applies for citations and references used.Must include images for a visually appealing poster. ÿMust use at least the course text for the poster creation.Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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