LIBERTY UNIVERSITY BUSI 340 WEEK 5 QUIZ (PERFECT ANSWER). 1. Which of the following types of task interdependence exists among production employees working on assembly lines?ÿA. Sequential interdependenceB. Total independenceC. Reciprocal interdependenceD. Pooled interdependenceE. Alternate interdependence2. The Research and Development TeamJanet works on a team of 15 people working in research and development for a toymaker. They have weekly meetings to discuss new toy ideas. Occasionally, Janet will have a good idea that she wishes to discuss, but it takes too long for all her other teammates to finish talking that she will often just not bother to bring it up. Occasionally, there are arguments about which new project should have the most resources devoted to it, but Janet finds her coworkers always maintain respect for each other and work out a solution.What type of meetings are these known as?ÿA. BrainstormingB. Cross-functionalC. NominalD. ConstructiveE. Innovation3. A diverse team is better than a homogeneous team:ÿA. when designing and launching a new product or service.B. on tasks requiring a high degree of cooperation.C. in situations where the team must reach the performing stage of team development quickly.D. in most organizational activities as they will have fewer conflicts.E. if the team is working on a project that involves routine tasks.4. Team efficacy can cause team members to be _____ their decisions.ÿA. uncomfortable withB. confused aboutC. hesitant and doubtful aboutD. more aware of the characteristics ofE. overconfident in5. Which of the following statements about evaluation apprehension in team settings is true?ÿA. Evaluation apprehension increases with the individual’s motivation to share his or her ideas.B. Evaluation apprehension is more likely to occur when team members formally evaluate each other’s performance throughout the year.C. Evaluation apprehension motivates team members to generate creative solutions, no matter how silly they may sound.D. Evaluation apprehension tends to affect the discipline and functioning of team meetings.E. Evaluation apprehension can be extremely productive if the leader is skillful and charismatic.6. Pooled interdependence is:ÿA. essential for team effectiveness.B. the same as reciprocal interdependence.C. stronger than sequential interdependence.D. the best way to avoid social loafing.E. is the lowest level of interdependence.7. “Fault lines” are more likely to occur when teams:ÿA. have very few members.B. are involved in sequential interdependence.C. engage in participative management.D. are highly interdependent.E. are diverse.8. Which of the following is not a skill or characteristic required of virtual team members?ÿA. Higher emotional intelligenceB. Good communication technology skillsC. Strong self-leadership skillsD. Extraverted personalitiesE. Good conflict resolution skills9. If a dysfunctional norm is very deeply ingrained in a team, the best strategy is probably to:ÿA. tell the group that corporate leaders are willing to tolerate the dysfunctional norm.B. disband the group and replace it with people having more favorable norms.C. supplement the existing group with one or two people having more favorable norms.D. introduce rewards that support the dysfunctional norm.E. provide direct reinforcement and punishment to the employees.10. GHI Inc.Lorraine has worked at GHI Inc. for 14 years. GHI has a large building where each divisional unit is located on a different floor. Lorraine works on the accounting floor and belongs to the budget committee, where she met Sally from Engineering and Jonas from Receiving. This committee provides recommendations to upper management on various financial issues affecting the company. Each week, the three meet after work on Thursdays to play darts at a local pub.Lorraine works in the unit in Accounting that handles Accounts Receivable. What type of team is this most likely to be?ÿA. Leadership teamB. Self-directed teamC. Virtual teamD. Task force teamE. Departmental team11. How do norms affect the behavior of team members?ÿA. They encourage members to try new behaviors not previously sanctioned by the team.B. They encourage the members to think out of the box and provide innovative solutions.C. They help the team regulate and guide the behaviors of its members.D. They help the team move from the forming to storming stages of team development.E. They enable team members to have complete autonomy in their functioning.12. Which of the following is not a factor that favors effective team behavior?ÿA. Individual rewards for contributions to the teamB. Information systems that support the teamC. Close physical layout of team membersD. Leadership that supports team behavior and structuresE. Distinctive clusters of work assigned to the team13. Sunshine ToysAt Sunshine Toys, several employees must work together to develop a new product. No one in this group has worked with any of the others before, and the development of this product has not been attempted previously.According to the media richness model, which of the following communication channels is most appropriate in this situation?ÿA. Written documentsB. EmailC. Face-to-face meetingsD. Bulletin boardsE. Weblogs14. Which of the following fundamental drives is highly influenced by effective communication?ÿA. Drive to succeedB. Drive to defendC. Drive to bondD. Drive to acquireE. Drive to achieve15. The unstructured and informal organizational network that is founded in social relationships rather than organization charts or job descriptions is called:ÿA. The codebookB. The jargonC. The grapevineD. The rumor millE. The jungle16. Which of the following happens immediately after the receiver receives the encoded message in the communication process model?ÿA. The sender receives confirmation that the message has been understood.B. The receiver confirms with the sender that the message sent was intended to be a message.C. The receiver decodes the received message.D. The receiver encodes the message.E. The receiver forms a direct feedback in response to the received message.17. Which of the following should corporate leaders do with the organizational grapevine?ÿA. Try to use the grapevine as a channel of communication from executives to employees as much as possible because of its high speed and low costB. Use the grapevine as a signal of employee anxiety and view it as a valid competitor to the company’s formal communication systemC. Use the grapevine when the communication requires high media richness, but otherwise use meetings when communicating with employeesD. Make every effort to destroy the grapevine, including firing employees who actively support itE. Ignore grapevines as providing more attention to it would increase the speed of grapevine communication18. In the communication process model, “decoding the message” occurs immediately:ÿA. before the sender forms the message.B. after the receiver receives the message.C. after the sender forms feedback of the original message.D. after the receiver transmits the message.E. before the receiver receives the message.19. Active listeners improve their evaluating activities by:A. organizing the information provided in the speech.B. forming an opinion before presentation.C. clarifying the message.D. interrupting when they disagree with the speaker.E. constructively criticizing of all the ideas presented.20. Communication noise can exist even when people speak the same language. This occurs because of the:ÿA. skill differences among people.B. lack of necessary aptitudes.C. richness of the communication channel.D. reduced channel bandwidth.E. cultural differences among people.21. Sunshine ToysAt Sunshine Toys, several employees must work together to develop a new product. No one in this group has worked with any of the others before, and the development of this product has not been attempted previously. The most effective medium in this situation would be one that is:ÿA. routine.B. non-ambiguous.C. lean.D. rich.E. oversimplified.22. John slams his finger while closing a cabinet drawer. Mary winces and shakes her hand. This is an example of:ÿA. Passive listeningB. Emotional contagionC. Emotional intelligenceD. Tacit knowledgeE. Flaming23. _____ refers to the process by which information is transmitted and understood between two or more people.ÿA. CommunicationB. JargonC. FlamingD. GrapevineE. MBWA24. Done correctly, MBWA most likely occurs on a _____ basis.ÿA. annualB. semi-annualC. quarterlyD. monthlyE. daily or weekly25. Which of the following communication media tends to be the best for transmitting emotions?ÿA. NewslettersB. Email messagesC. Telephone conversationsD. Face-to-face meetingsE. Written messages



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