Linear Programming

Linear Programming. The K9 Kondo Company manufactures climate-controlled doghouses. The company believes that its high-volume customers are high-income male and female dog owners who want to pamper their pets. To reach these groups, the marketing manager at K9 Kondo is considering placing one-minute commercials on the following national TV shows: ?New York Dog Show? and ?Man’s Best Friend.? A one-minute commercial on ?New York Dog Show? costs $200,000, and a one-minute commercial on ?Man’s Best Friend? costs $50,000. The marketing manager would like the commercials to be seen by at least 60 million high-income women and at least 36 million high-income men. Marketing studies show the following:Each one-minute commercial on ?New York Dog Show? is seen by six million high-income women and two million high-income men.Each one-minute commercial on ?Man’s Best Friend? is seen by three million high-income women and three million high-income men.How many one-minute commercials should they air on each show to minimize the cost? What is that minimum cost?

Linear Programming


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