Linux Fundamentals

Linux Fundamentals. What did you learn yesterday/this week?Talk about your preferred development/administration environment. (OS, Editor, Browsers, Tools etc.)Tell me about the last major Linux project you finished.Tell me about the biggest mistake you’ve made in [some recent time period] and how you would do it differently today. What did you learn from this experience?Why we must choose you?What function does DNS play on a network?What is HTTP?What is an HTTP proxy and how does it work?Describe briefly how HTTPS works.What is SMTP? Give the basic scenario of how a mail message is delivered via SMTP.What is RAID? What is RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10?What is a level 0 backup? What is an incremental backup?Describe the general file system hierarchy of a Linux system.####[?] Simple Linux Questions:What is the name and the UID of the administrator user?How to list all files, including hidden ones, in a directory?What is the Unix/Linux command to remove a directory and its contents?Which command will show you free/used memory? Does free memory exist on Linux?How to search for the string “my konfi is the best” in files of a directory recursively?How to connect to a remote server or what is SSH?How to get all environment variables and how can you use them?I get “command not found” when I run ifconfig -a. What can be wrong?What happens if I type TAB-TAB?What command will show the available disk space on the Unix/Linux system?What commands do you know that can be used to check DNS records?What Unix/Linux commands will alter a files ownership, files permissions?What does chmod +x FILENAMEdo?What does the permission 0750 on a file mean?What does the permission 0750 on a directory mean?How to add a new system user without login permissions?How to add/remove a group from a user?What is a bash alias?How do you set the mail address of the root/a user?What does CTRL-c do?What is in /etc/services?How to redirect STDOUT and STDERR in bash? (> /dev/null 2>&1)What is the difference between UNIX and Linux.What is the difference between Telnet and SSH?Explain the three load averages and what do they indicate. What command can be used to view the load averages?Can you name a lower-case letter that is not a valid option for GNU

Linux Fundamentals


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