ListView, ImageList

ListView, ImageList. Students will create an application that allows the user to create entities with a dialog window that will be displayed by a ListView in a separate dialog. The main dialog will keep track of how many windows and entities exist.You will need the same user input setup as usual with a functional Clear button. This user input will be in a popup dialog separate from the main window. This popup dialog will also have a toolstrip with an Add button. This Add button will store the current input in an object that will then be stored in a List in the main window. For UI, the main window will have two text displays, one that displays how many user input windows currently exist and one that displays how many objects currently exist that were created by the user input dialogs. The main window will also have the standard File->Exit menu bar option, but in addition to this there will also be a List menu with Display and Clear options. The List->Clear option should clear the List of created objects. The List->Display option should open a separate window that can only have one exist at a time and this window will have a ListView for displaying the same objects that are stored in the main window. Double-clicking one of the ListView objects should open a fully functional user input window that is populated with the objects values. The ListView will use one of the icon views and should be set to fill the window. The only other UI component of this window will be a ToolStrip with a Clear button. This clear button should clear the List of objects. The main window?s object count and number of objects being shown in the ListView should be the same at all times.Follow these guidelines to produce this application:User Input Window4 unique user input controls in a group box.A button that clears all of the user input controls.A ToolStrip should contain a Button for adding the current input values to a List (not a ListBox) in the main window.Main WindowContains a List of objects to which objects are added using the user input window.A Text display should always display how many user input windows currently exist.A Text display should always display how many objects are currently stored and being displayed in the ListView on the ListView Form.List->Display displays the ListView Form only if it is not already displayed. If the ListView is already displayed, then there should be a check mark next to the Display option in the menu and a second instance of this window should not be created or displayed.List->Clear clears the main window?s List as well as the ListView Form?s items in the ListView.A button that opens a new input window each time it is pressed.ListView FormContents should be the same as the main window?s List whenever the ListView Form is visible/exists.When an Item is double-clicked in this ListView, a new, fully functional user input window should open with the user input controls populated by the values of the Item the user double-clicked.A ToolStrip should contain a Clear button with text and an image that, when clicked, clears both the ListView items and the main window?s List.The ListView should use either the small icon or large icon view.The ListView must utilize an ImageList for assigning images for the ListViewItems.

ListView, ImageList


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