Long Term Strategies and Globalization

Long Term Strategies and Globalization. Due: June 14, 2017 at 10:00AM ESTPurpose of AssignmentThe purpose of the learning team assignment is to offer students the opportunity to investigate their understanding of how globalization affects a company’s strategic plan. Additional objectives include allowing students to assess the effectiveness of strategic alliances in the growth process of a company and to understand the necessity for innovation to create a sustainable long-term organizational environment. The students will also identify how organizational structures facilitate company growth and controls in the global environment.ÿAssignment StepsCreate:ÿa 3-4 slide Microsoft?ÿPowerPoint?ÿpresentation (excluding the title slide and reference slide) with Speaker Notes (500-600 word count- detailed speaker notes for each bullet in the presentaion)ÿand address the following topic:ÿÿEvaluate the effects of globalization on strategic management planning.Cite:ÿ1-2 scholarly references.Formatÿyour presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Long Term Strategies and Globalization


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