M3_A1 Discussion

M3_A1 Discussion. Assignment 1: Discussion QuestionPlease respond to the discussion question listed below byÿSaturday, June 17, 2017. Start reviewing and responding to your classmates as early in the module as possible.Obtain the mission and vision statements for Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and The John Hopkins Hospital from their websites (see the links in the webliography). If you or a family member needed health care and had to choose one of them based solely on their mission and vision statements, which would it be? If you were offered equally attractive jobs by the centers, which would you accept?ByÿSaturday, June 17, 2017, respond to the assigned discussion question, and submit your response to theÿDiscussion Area. Use the sameÿDiscussion Areaÿto comment on your classmates’ submissions and continue the discussion untilÿWednesday, June 21, 2017.ÿComment on how your classmates would address differing views.

M3_A1 Discussion


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