M4 Response

M4 Response. NEED RESPONCEJ! Thank you for your launch thread!ÿ I love looking into the promising practices at our leading companies!!Have you heard about the C.A.F.E. (Coffee and Farmer equity) initiative at Starbucks?ÿ Here is a brief video that Starbucks released– do you think this advertisement is effective?ÿStarbucks Coffee You are Shared Planet. Retrieved fromÿ POSTINGThe concept of sustainable development has been evolving over an extended period. In recent times sustainability has been enforced by three pillars, which are social, economic and environmental. Economic and financial crises that have hit the world recently has attributed to a proper definition of economic sustainability. It is vital for goal setting so as to achieve sustainable developments making the world a better place to live.Sustainability can be defined as the practices, which include; setting goals, performance indicators, and metrics all this aimed at making improvements to all parts of a business making it endure. Sustainability is important as it ensures that all aspects of a business run without any form of disruptions.Sustainability can be measured using various ways and merits, but they differ on the type of durability. Different types of sustainability have different measurement indices. The indices constitute of benchmarks, audits and sustainability certificates. Indicators of environmental sustainability are the loss of energy calculated by mass, changes in local ecosystem and quality of air, soil, and water. Social sustainability indicators range from employee turnover rates and costs, customer satisfaction to the level of contribution to charity events. Finally, the economic sustainability indicators are; level of productivity, the cost of servicing capital, the liquidity just to mention a few. The indicators are important as they enable us to gauge whether we are close to sustainability hence improve to achieve sustainability.ÿIn conclusion, the goals of sustainability are way too many. However, there are the main ones. These are to eradicate poverty and hunger all over the world. Secondly to achieve equality to all, especially among male and female species is an important goal. Last but not least to tackle the effects of climate change and environmental factors that are harmful to the health of people.References:Schaltegger, S., & Burritt, R. (2014). Measuring and managing sustainability performance of supply chains: Review and sustainability supply chain management framework.ÿSupply Chain Management: An International Journal,ÿ19(3), 232-241Bj?rn, A., Diamond, M., Owsianiak, M., Verzat, B., & Hauschild, M. Z. (2015). Strengthening the link between life cycle assessment and indicators for absolute sustainability to support development within planetary boundaries.ÿEnviron. Sci. Technol,ÿ49, 6370-6371.Rinne, J., Lyytim„ki, J., & Kautto, P. (2013). From sustainability to well-being: Lessons learned from the use of sustainable development indicators at national and EU level.ÿEcological indicators,ÿ35, 35-42.

M4 Response


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