Marketing Segment and Perceptual Map

Marketing Segment and Perceptual Map. You are expected to participate in the weekly classroom discussion with relevant, purposeful and reflective thought.ÿ Each week you will have 2 discussion questions. Your initial posts should be substantive and show a comprehension of the assignment and the material being discussed.ÿThe original post should approximate 250 to 300 words. You are also required to respond/comment onÿoneÿof yourÿfellow-classmates? initial post. It is important that you are respectful and courteous at all times, any responses found inappropriate by the instructor will be promptly removed and you will be notified.ÿÿThe grades assigned to these discussions result in the overall Participation Grade. Each discussion is worth 10 points. You must participate during the week a thread is assigned in order to receive any credit: That is from Monday through Monday 9am EST of each week. Any comments made after that will not be credited.Discussion Question 1:?Marketing Segment and Perceptual Map? Please respond to the following:ÿÿÿEvaluate the value and utility afforded by PhilipÿKotler?sÿSegment-by-Segment Invasion Plan as a tool for mapping current and future market segment pursuits. Provide support for your rationale.ÿÿÿAssess the importance of a Perceptual Map for current and potential product offerings in the marketplace. Suggest one (1) way in which this instrument can be used by marketers to affect better product positioningÿoutcomes within the health care industry.Discussion Question 2:?Product Ladder and Hierarchy of Needs” Please respond to the following:ÿÿAssess the importance of theÿRiesÿand Trout?s Product Ladder as a target marketing device within the health care industry. Provide a rationale for your response.ÿÿÿAssess the level of necessity forÿhealth careÿmarketers to possess an effective understand of human motivation in order to better understand their customers. Provide at least two (2) specific examples of the use of human motivation within a health care organization.ReferencesRequired ResourcesFortenberry Jr., J. L. (2010). Health care marketing: Tools and techniques (3rd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.Supplemental ResourcesBowling, K. (2011). Health care goes retail. Marketing Health Services, 31(2), 20-23.ÿ Huang, E., & Dunbar, C. (2013). Connecting to patients via social media: A hype or a reality?Journal of Medical Marketing: Device, Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Marketing. doi:10.1177/1745790413477647McKeever, J., & Zorzi, C. (2010). Connections that count. Marketing Health Services, 30(4), 20-23. Oestreicher-Singer, G., Libai, B., Sivan, L., Carmi, E., & Yassin, O. (2013). The network value of products. Journal of Marketing, 77(3), 1-14.Puzakova, M., Kwak, H., & Rocereto, J. (2013). When humanizing brands goes wrong: The detrimental effect of brand anthropomorphization amid product wrongdoings. Journal of Marketing, 77(3), 81-100.Rao, S. (2012). Generating growth through patient-centered commercial strategies.Journal of Medical Marketing: Device, Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical. doi:10.1177/1745790412450170 Smith, B. (2012). Excellence in market access strategy: A research-based definition and diagnostic tool. Journal of Medical Marketing: Device, Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Marketing. doi:10.1177/1745790412467641Smith, B., Tarricone, R., & Vella, V. (2013). The role of product life cycle in medical technology innovation. Journal of Medical Marketing: Device, Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical Marketing. doi:10.1177/1745790413476876Thompson, D. & Malaviya, P. (2013). Consumer-generated ads: Does awareness of advertising co-creation help or hurt persuasion? Journal of Marketing, 77(3), 33-47.PreparationReading(s)Chapter 17: Philip Kotler?s Segment-by-Segment Invasion PlanChapter 18: The Perceptual MapChapter 19: Ries & Trouts?s Product LadderChapter 20: Abraham Maslow?s Hierarchy of Needs

Marketing Segment and Perceptual Map


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