Micro SE week 3

Micro SE week 3. In chapter 8, you learned market failure, and a variety of relevant environmental topics. Pick one environmental issue other than air pollution or emissions, that represents a positive or a negative environmental externality, and discuss how it could be internalized by government actions or market mechanism. Also discuss biblical principles associated with your chosen topic.ÿÿ(Due: Day 4 by 11:59pm; word count: minimum 300 words)Please be aware you MUST NOT copy and paste paragraphs from other sources without paraphrasing – that is plagiarism!The essay must be your original paper, and paper will not be graded or I will give a zero on that assignment, if your paper matches with other sources substantially.ÿLevels of AchievementCriteriaSuperiorAbove averageAverageBelow averageAnalysisÿWeight 50.00%90 to 100 %Developed content with a clear point of view and draws insightful and consistent conclusions defended by relevant economics concepts and theory80 to 89 %Developed content with a clear point of view with some gaps and draws fairly consistent conclusions defended by relevant economics concepts and theory70 to 79 %Developed content with an ambigous point of view with some gaps and draws consistent conclusions, but not defended by relevant economics concepts and theory0 to 69 %Does not develop content with a clear point of view and conclusions are inconsistent and illogical.OrganizationWeight 30.00%90 to 100 %The structure of content is strong and helps readers move through the text smoothly. The content contains effective transitions between paragraphs.80 to 89 %The structure of content has a clear organizational structure, and helps readers to understand fairly easy, but slightly lacks effective transitions between paragraphs70 to 79 %The structure of content is understandable, but significantly lacks effective transitions between paragraphs0 to 69 %The content lacks coherence, and requires readers to reread substantial portionsWords LengthÿWeight 20.00%90 to 100 %Word count is greater than 30080 to 89 %Word count is greater than 200, but less than 300.70 to 79 %Word count is greater than 100, but less than 200.0 to 69 %Word count is less than 100

Micro SE week 3


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