minimum of three (3) typed pages

minimum of three (3) typed pages. Extra Credit Case Study PaperSelect a well-known American serial killer and analyze this person by reading and learning as much about the person, their behavior, and their case as possible.ÿ Once you feel you have enough background about this person, review the criminological theories covered in the course text and identify the one theory that you believe offers the best explanation for the serial killer?s conduct.ÿ Finally, write up your observations and conclusions by providing the following:1)ÿÿÿ A brief summary of the serial killer?s background, including a review of his/her criminal conduct (what they did).ÿ 2)ÿÿÿ An educated explanation and discussion of the offender?s behavior, including the criminological theory that offers the best explanation.ÿ 3)ÿÿÿ Suggestions about what intervention could have been done to prevent the person from becoming a serial killer. Your paper should be a minimum of three (3) typed pages in length (size 12 font; 1 inch margins all around; double spaced) and should incorporate at minimum of three (3) sources with one being the class text.ÿ Acceptable sources include books, journal articles, newspaper articles, and websites.ÿ This paper must be turned in at that beginning of class (4:30 pm) on Thursday, June 7, 2017

minimum of three (3) typed pages


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