Misery. Beth Bailey?s history of courtship in the United States is drawn from magazines and books.—Do your own content analysis of popular magazines or dating advice books.—What norms for courtship do they seem to prescribe?—What do these sources tell you about the directions courtship is going and the changes that are taking place? For this assignment, you should engage with REAL magazines and books.You can browse them at a bookstore or check them out at the local library.Use at least 3 different books or magazines (Issues of the same magazine will not count as ?different?)550 words not including work citedMLA FORMATOn a separate sheet of paper:1…”A Solo Song for Doc”ÿby James Alan McPherson read the introductionÿandÿevaluate the assessments made by Howe in the stories Introduction.ÿ200 Words. NOT INCLUDING WORK CITEDUsing book source Classic Modern Fiction Edited by Irving Howe (PAGES 607-610) ONLY2….How is the expression of masculinity different for able-bodied men and men with Cerebral Palsy? Please answer the question by using the article I have ATTACHED ONLY…200 WORDSÿNOT INCLUDING WORK CITEDANSWER ALL 3 QUESTIONS ON A SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER FOR EACH QUESTION!!!!!



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