MKT/421 University of Phoenix Marketing Research

MKT/421 University of Phoenix Marketing Research. Chooseÿa company whose products you are familiar to use as the example for this exercise.Designÿa mock up survey to gain primary data about your market.Choose the method you will use for your survey. (i.e. pamphlet, telemarketing, focus group, internet, etc.)Use four different types of questions and two cross reference target market characteristics (that is at least six different question types) ÿPlease refer to Chapter 8 and the Wendy examples as well as week 2’s lecture.If you chose a pamphlet or focus group, use Microsoft Publisher, Word, or Adobe Photo Shop in order to design a pamphlet, double sided card, or worksheet.ÿ Attach it as a pdf file.If you chose an internet survey, use Survey Monkey.Provide the link to the survey in your paper and/or a copy of it if you use Survey Monkey.If you chose telemarketing, provide a script.ÿWriteÿa 500 to 700 word essayExplain why you chose the types of questions you chose while discussing each type of question individually and its purpose.Explain why you chose the method you would use to attain the information.ÿi.e. handout, telemarketing, or internet survey.Noÿresources necessary.

MKT/421 University of Phoenix Marketing Research


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