Mobile Code, potential vulnerabilities

Mobile Code, potential vulnerabilities. Risks Associated with Mobile CodeDiscussionMobile code is great for adding powerful features and content, but has its drawbacks. E-mail goes directly to a speci?c address, so with these methods, a hacker can target a single organization or even a single person. Mobile code all have had a lot of thought put into making them secure, but the technology is so complex that security holes can be found in everyone. Even greater risks are introduced when two or more types of mobile code are allowed to interact with each other. Individually, they might be fairly safe, but when working in cooperation can cause loopholes in the security. VBScript and ActiveX are especially scary when used together, but new additions to Microsoft’s e-mail clients are addressing these issues.Question:Discuss common forms of Mobile Code, potential vulnerabilities and how to protect your system fromÿMobile Code attack.Your Task:ÿYour initial posting must be between 250 – 300 words. In your posting make sure to provide substantive answers. By substantive we meanÿgoing beyond just providing an opinion; rather it means either identifying the relevancy (i.e., pros and cons) of the material and provide references as applicable.

Mobile Code, potential vulnerabilities


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