MODERNISM/ ART. The main objective of this class is to define and, ultimately, understand what constitutes modern art. Though there are guidelines for what distinguishes modern art, an exact formula has yet to be determined. In fact, many of us have preconceived (and differing) notions of what modern art does or should look like. There is no single, straightforward definition of “modernity.”ÿ We can guess, infer, and opine, in light of our own observations and the facts at hand, but should never presume to have the only, or the correct, answer to this very “slippery” concept.What do you believe are typical characteristics of modern art? Are your original conceptions similar to those described in the initial readings in the textbook? Were you surprised that certain works discussed in the text serve as the initial foundations of modernism?ÿ Did any in particular capture your attention?ÿÿ If so name the artwork by title, artist and date.ÿ Please also upload a picture of the art using the small icon on the bottom line 3rd from left (small box with landscape).ÿ Copy the image location and then after clicking the icon insert image location url in box and click insert/submit.ÿ The image will help fellow students see the artwork.Here is a video reflection on one work from the Modern Art Movement.Watch VideoWhy is this art? Andy Warhol, Campbell’s Soup Cans | Art History | Khan AcademyUser:ÿn/a -ÿAdded:ÿ8/30/12YouTube URL:ÿ for submitting: 1-2 PARAGRAPHS



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