MUSIC 101 Unit 4 DB: Women in the Romantic Period

MUSIC 101 Unit 4 DB: Women in the Romantic Period. MUSIC 101 In this video we see a PowerPoint presentation of how the Classical Period transitions into the Romantic period. Beethoven death is generally cited at the line between the Classic era and the Romantic era. This goes on to further explain the composers and musical forms of the time. is a presentation that allows you to hear some examples of the composers we will touch on in the next unit. It is a bit long but well worth it. anyone has seen ?Apocalypse Now? you have hear this song. This is ?Ride of The Valkyries? from Wagner’s Ring Cycle opera. It is perhaps one of the most known operatic songs. It has been used in cartoons, movies, television, and advertisements. is ?Libiamo ? Brindisi? from Verdi?s Traviata, also known as The Drinking Song. This tune has been all over the place. It was used in Loony Tunes many years ago. As one of the most well known of the Romantic operatic composers Verdi?s songs are incredibly recognizable. (1 Page or 2 Pages with Stety ) Please used the below reference for APA Style with Citations 4 DB: Women in the Romantic PeriodWomen made huge steps toward being recognized, musically, in the Romantic Period in the 19th century.What were some of the difficulties women had faced during this time?ÿ Can you compare the treatment of women then, with the society of today?Initial post due Wednesday at midnight 5/24/17

MUSIC 101 Unit 4 DB: Women in the Romantic Period


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