Music Assignment – Final exam paper (500 words)

Music Assignment – Final exam paper (500 words). Final Exam (music)Due Date: The Final is due at 7 pm on Wednesday, May 9. You may submit itat any time before this date as well.ÿ(Total of 500 words)Information:* The Final Exam will consist of your written responses to the questions below.* You may use any online, print, or other sources while you write your responses.Please cite your sources, either as a works cited list, or as in-text citations inparenthesis. No need to cite the readings listed here (you can just refer to it as ?thereading? for example).The Exam: Describe music and culture in various types of music.* For each of yourÿthreeÿresponses, writeÿa paragraph (about 100-175 words). Youwill write aboutÿany twoÿof the five examples that I have given, andÿalso oneexample of your own choice.* In each paragraph response, try to answer all of these questions:1. What are some important musical characteristics of music in this area,and/or who is this individual performer?2. Hcan you describe the sounds? Listen to the music, and write about it in yourown words. If applicable, what are the lyrics about?3. If applicable, what do you know about this music from experiences with yourfamily, community, or personal life?* Your responses should be organized into paragraphs, one for each example that youdiscuss.Complete both parts 1 and 2:1) Select and write about any two of these five musical examples:Example 1 ? Bianzhong (ancient bell-chime) music from Chinavideo: ?Bianzhong Concert at Hubei Museum? 2 ? Native American Hip Hop musicvideo: ?Rez Life – Blue Flamez? 3 ? West African / European fusion music videovideo: ?FOLI (there is no movement without rhythm)? 4 ? Minimalism from United States 1970svideo: ?Sextet, by Steve Reich? In addition, write about one other example:Example 5 ? Your choice!Select any song or piece of music you wish, and write about it accordingto the guidelines below. No need to find a reading to go with it.* For part 2 in which you pick your own song, please include a link (to YouTube,Vimeo, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.), so that I may listen to it.

Music Assignment – Final exam paper (500 words)


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