Music homework……answer 3 qustions….

Music homework……answer 3 qustions….. Due Sunday 10pm california timeNO COVER PAGE OR REFERENCE PAGEAnswer the questions to all three examples for full credit.ÿ 1. ?Whole Lotta Love? by Led Zeppelin is based on a riff. What is the song form and how does this dissection help analyze how the song is performed? What role does the vocal play in contrast to the instrumentation? 2. The Allman Brothers Band is regarded as the architect of ?Southern Rock?. ?Whipping Post? represents a classic example of their style. What influences are present in this recording? How are they reinterpreted to create an original sound? What is unique in their use of guitar work? 3. Santana?s music is original in its use of instrumentation and rhythm. The song, ?Evil Ways? showcases these aspects. Identify them and elaborate on their importance to the sound of the band. How does the guitar sound fit into this style?

Music homework……answer 3 qustions….


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