Need a 3 page report on 3 topics of HCI

Need a 3 page report on 3 topics of HCI. Read, summarize, and compare three related articles on a topic in HCI which have been written in the last 3 years. Use the topics covered in a Lesson 1 of the text as a springboard. Some potential topics include interface development tools, novel input devices, interfaces for the physically or mentally challenged, comparing performance using various dialog styles, or the use of color in interfaces. If you are not sure of the suitability of the topic, you can run it by me prior to searching or reading.ÿYour report should be between 2 and 4 pages in length (single-spaced), 12-point font, and consist of the following structure:Title: “A Review of Three Articles on [insert topic here]”Author: your nameIntroduction: describe topicReviews: a section summarizing each article readComparison: describe how articles are similar and differentReferences: complete citation of papers (title, author, source, volume number for journal papers, page numbers, date)Grading: ÿPapers will be graded on content and quality. ÿMake sure that you do proper proof reading.

Need a 3 page report on 3 topics of HCI


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