Need A++ work with low turnitin score in APA format

Need A++ work with low turnitin score in APA format. Assignment 2: Professional Personal WebsiteIn this assignment, you will design a website to highlight your skills, experiences, and expertise for potential employers. The site should appear as if you have created a digital resume of yourself. This will be a great opportunity to design something similar to a digital resume, which you can continue to use throughout your career.Scenario:You will create a professional website of yourself to direct your potential customers toward it. The site will act as a digital version of your resume. It will contain a Home page and three additional pages representing your education, work history, and references. You are also required to create an external style sheet (.css file) that configures text, color, and page layout. The external style sheet should be saved with a .css extension and incorporated into the website. The .css file should contain color, text alignment properties, and font size properties.Tasks:Create a 5- to 6-page website comprising the following:Create a Home page that includes your picture, biography, and career objectives.Create an education page that includes details of your formal education, starting with the most recent and ending with high school. Include the name and location of your high school. Also, mention the number of days attended and major area (if applicable). You may optionally include your grade point average. Also, include any relevant training that you’ve completed.Create a work history page that includes details of all the jobs you’ve held, starting with the most current one. Include the name of the employer, location, dates employed, and duties performed or responsibilities held. If there have been any gaps in your employment period such as a gap of more than three months, include an explanation.Create a reference page that includes at least three professional and two personal references. Clearly separate the personal and professional references from each other. Include the names of the references, the relationships those references shared with you, the number of years you were known to them, and their contact information.Within your website, incorporate at least one instance of each of the following elements:Meta tagsTableGraphic (in addition to a picture of yourself)E-mail linkExternal linkBanner containing your name and contact informationAssociation with external style sheet (.css file)Contact form that sends results to your e-mail addressTest your website for appearance and functionality on at least two web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. In the footer of your Home page (may include on all other pages as well), include a statement that the website has been tested on the two chosen browsers.Review the grading rubrics for this assignment before you submit your website link for grading.Note: Make sure that you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.Submission Details:ByÿWednesday, July 19, 2017, save your website as M4_A2_Lastname_Firstname.html and your css file as M4_A2_Lastname_Firstname.css. Zip both the files and submit this to theÿM4 Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Need A++ work with low turnitin score in APA format


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