NEGO. PLEASE ANSWERS THIS QUESTION AND I SUBMIT GAME PAPER FOE QUESTION POST- GAME ANALYSIS.Negotiation ( COM 5/403)What are ethics and why do they apply to negotiation?What questions of ethical conduct are likely to arise in negotiation?What motivates unethical behavior, and what are the consequences?4-ÿÿÿÿ How can negotiators deal with the other party’s use of deception?POST- GAME ANALYSIS.How did you interpret the YOU in the title?How were the tow dilemmas of openness and trust played out as we progressed through the rounds?How were the definitions given for conflict illustrate did by the gameHow did the ” Win as much as you can game ” illustrate the followingWe experience uncertainty in conflict.Interaction in conflict if fragile.Conflict is tense and threatening. ONLY I WANT TWO PAPERS PLEASE I WANT FOR EVERY QUESTION TWO SENTENCES IF POSSIBLE.THANKS



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