NETWORK THREATS. Locate a current news story in which web security issues were exploited in the form of either an attack or natural disaster. First, explain how these incidents could have been avoided. Second, discuss what can be done going forward in order to reduce the likelihood of subsequent incidents. Finally, in responding to your peers? posts, evaluate the recommendations of your peers and discuss whether additional steps could be taken in order to reduce the threat potential posed by the identified issues.PLEASE READ THIS.IT IS VERY IMPORTANTAllow your discussion posts to be detailed and capable of sharing knowledge, ideas and points. ÿYou must discuss the topic using your own words first. ÿUsing your own words indicate you understand the topic of discussions. ÿSecondly, you must cite your sources in-text. ÿThis is necessary to justify your points. Sources from several sources showed good research abilities. ÿLastly, you must provide references at the bottom of your post. ÿA discussion post without justification with sources does not show proper research abilities. A terse and not detailed discussions represent post that would not provide enough sharing of knowledge or proper understanding of the topic. DO NOT just copy and paste a sentence from online with citation at the end as your own discussion. I have not asked for definitions, I asked for discussions and will not buy this. ÿYou must show understanding of the discussion topic by using your own words to describe the topic and then justify that with sources.www.citationmachine.netÿto format references into the APA style if necessary. Extremely important. Intext citations is very essential and highly needed as well.use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA citation methodÿ(citation should be relevant and current). Page-length requirements:2 and halfÿpagesÿat least, excluding reference and cover page. Make sure you cite if you take a piece of someone?s work, very important and your reference should relate to your writingÿ(don?t cite a reference because it relates to the course and not this very paper) at least 4 current and relevant academic references. No heavy paraphrasing of others work.please communicate for any clarifications and please read instructions and follow them. Some tutors don’t pay attention to instructions at all. Very importantI am not doing try and error here so please do not send a hand shake if you have no ideas or experience with research.



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