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NO Plaguarism. Part ITextbookTHE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT TODAY 7th editionBUSINESS IN ITS ETHICS, REGULATORY, E-COMMERCE, AND GLOBAL SETTINGISBN 9781111530617Author: Roger LeRoy Miller & Frank B. CrossThese are the questions to be answer from the textbook.Chapter 8Questions and case problem beginning on page 2338-18-68-7Chapter 9Questions and case problems beginning on page 2719-19-39-49-5Please find attached pages of the texbook about the questions / case problem. You can also google or chegg as a guide or find the book. Please list references (textbook and other references)Part 2 – Discussion1. It is a fact that corporations can have liability for criminal actions. I also know that you understand the meaning of “doctrine of sovereign immunity”. The last time I checked, China is still a communist country and the Chinese government owns controlling interest in all entities even if a portion of the entity has stock that is publicly traded on an exchange. As such, recently a Chinese company purchased and received approval from our Federal government to close on the sale of Smithfield foods. Smithfield foods is the largest pork producer in the US. So if the Communist government of China allowed for the food supply to be tainted wouldn’t they be immune verses if a US company did the same infraction? Elaborate.2. I was wondering, if a person gets charged with a crime for violating a state statute, could that person also be charged with a crime if that person violated a federal statute or would “double jeopardy” come into play?3. Why would an entity trademark an item as opposed to forming a corporation for the item?4. What are the elements of a valid contract?

NO Plaguarism


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