nurs 6565 week 1 assignment

nurs 6565 week 1 assignment. Assignment 2: Practicum Assignment 1: Self-Assessment of Clinical SkillsA self-assessment is an opportunity for you to review what you have learned in the program, evaluate your clinical skills, and develop goals before exiting the NP program. For this assignment, you will complete the Risk Control Self-Assessment Checklist for Nurse Practitioners and identify your areas of strength and weakness. You also will explain how you plan to improve on these weaknesses, as well as how you plan to master clinical skills you have not obtained prior to exiting NP program.To prepare:Complete the Risk Control Self-Assessment Checklist for Nurse Practitioners ( preceptor and faculty evaluations in Meditrek for all completed clinical courses.ÿConsider your strengths and weaknesses.ÿReview types of patients treated and clinical procedures performedWrite a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:Identify at least three strengths (eagerness to learn, ability to relate, compassion, Confidence)Explain why you consider these strengths and what you can do to maintain them in your practiceIdentify at least three weaknesses ( novice skills, Blunt personality, being more flexible)Explain how you plan to address each weaknessExamine at least three clinical skills you need to obtain prior to exiting the program.Explain how you plan to master the clinical skills before exiting NP programAnalyze the history of advanced practice nurses and the emerging role of your specialty area, and discuss what contributions you plan to make to advance the nursing professionresources, S.A. & Carryer, J.B. (2015). Globalization and advancing primary care health care nurse practitioner practice. TheJournal for Nurse Practitioners, 11(8), 804?811. doi:10.1016/j.nurpra.2015.06.012

nurs 6565 week 1 assignment


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