Nursing Theory, minimun of 250 worlds each in apa style

Nursing Theory, minimun of 250 worlds each in apa style. WEEK 11You as the advanced practice nurse are working in a community mental health center. Your next patient is Mrs.ÿRichards, ÿa 39ÿyear-old Caucasian female, presenting to the clinic with depression and complaints of anxiety and fatigue.ÿDuring the initial interview,ÿit is revealed that her husband and two children were killed in a traffic accident 8ÿmonths ago.ÿBased on your knowledge of the self-transcendence theory, discusstwoÿspecificÿmeasures and/or ÿinterventions that you can implement for this patient to help facilitate self-transcendence. Also, listÿone scholarly, practice-based resourceÿ(article and/or clinical guideline)ÿthat supports the use of ÿthis theory in clinical practice.*As a reminder,ÿall questions must be answered to receiveÿfull credit for this discussion.ÿplease include your name in the title bar of the discussion.ÿAlso, make sure to use scholarly sources to support your discussion.**

Nursing Theory, minimun of 250 worlds each in apa style


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