Observation Paper

Observation Paper. 6-7 pagesÿAPAReferences at least 3 ÿ ÿÿCreate a log. ÿFor one day record your key observations of the elderly person as he/she interacts with others. ÿBe particularly observant about how the person acts with their peers and how they act with others outside of the peer group. ÿYou may want to observe this person in different settings, for example in a class setting, a church, with family members or an organized group activity. ÿThis is a formal written log which will be submitted with your assignment and is included in the overall page count.For your paper you must answer the following questions referring to the specific concepts you have learned thus far in the class.What was your initial impression of the person? What is their gender, age and economic status?What did you observe about how the person handles impression management?What did you observe about how social the person is?What did you observe about how others interact with the person?What did you observe about prejudicial or stereotypical behavior toward the person?Due NLT Friday June 17 @ 12pm Eastern Standard Time

Observation Paper


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