One Page Report

One Page Report. DirectionsThis assignment will be based on a standard coin, so grab your change jar, wallet or purse!ÿ Choose a coin to help you look at the chances of an event occurring and comparing probability types. In a 200 word Microsoft Word document, answer the four questions provided below.ÿBe sure to cite your sources in proper APA formatting and make sure there are no major grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors.ÿÿÿ In your own words, describe the difference between classical and empirical probabilities.ÿÿÿ Determine the theoretical probability of flipping a TAIL on a coin.ÿ Write this probability as a fraction, decimal, and percent, and explain how you arrived at this probability.ÿÿÿ Now, grab your coin and flip it the number of times that is equal to your age in years. Record the number of times your coin landed on TAILS.ÿ Use this data to determine the empirical probability of getting a TAIL on the coin based on your trial data. Write this probability as fraction, decimal, and percent, and explain how you arrived at this probability.Were your two probability values (in steps 2 and 3) equal?ÿ Why do you feel this happened?

One Page Report


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