orgb presentation

orgb presentation. Students will work with one of their classmates to analyze the career of a well-known person. Teams will choose a well-known person and examine the person?s career. Teams should use relevant career management/development concepts and theories to explain why the person they choose was successful enough to become famous. Teams should also identify the person?s strengths and weaknesses as a way of explaining their success. Teams should present factual information. The team should use PowerPoint and should bring a hard copy of their slides to class on the day of their presentation. Teams will present in Week 8 of the term (on Tuesday, 5/23). Teams should plan to present for only 10 minutes followed by about 5 minutes of questions from the audience. In total, the presentation and questions should not take more than about 15 minutes.ÿaround 600-700 words

orgb presentation


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