Original work only

Original work only. Selectÿaÿtopicÿfor yourÿassignment from the list of potential recommendations below:?ÿExpansion of a business (retail, food, services,ÿand so on) to another location(s)ÿ?ÿImproving a firm?s sales and profitÿ?ÿImproving a company?s customer services?ÿImplementing flexible scheduling?ÿReduction of business costs?ÿImplementingÿsustainability measures across the company?ÿInformalÿdress-downÿFridays?ÿTechnologyÿ(software and hardware)ÿchangesÿacross the company?ÿAÿbusiness or workplace problemÿdeveloped using the Virtual Organization site?ÿAnother topic as approved by your instructorPart IWriteÿaÿ1,050- to 1,400-wordÿResearch-Driven FormalÿReport (follow the model offered in Ch. 18ÿofÿWorkplace Writing) that proposes a change to the workplace or proposes a new initiative using the components ofÿethical business communication.ÿYour report should look similar to the example in Ch.18 ofÿWorkplace Writing,ÿalthough it will only contain some, not all, of the sections listed in the chapter. It must include the following headings:?ÿTitle page?ÿIntroduction?ÿDiscussion?ÿConclusion/Recommendation?ÿReference PageNote.ÿThe cover page and references pages will not count toward your final word count.If youÿhaveÿnotÿdone so already, refer to the outline template posted inÿWeekÿ3ÿfor some ideas about what elements belong in each section.Formatÿyour paper consistent withÿappropriate course-levelÿAPA guidelines.

Original work only


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