Paper 1

Paper 1. DirectionsChoose just one of the themes from the list below. Note developments of that theme in the Old Testament to the New Testament (N.T.), and show how N.T. writers reinterpreted it. Discuss similarities, differences, and changes to the meaning. You must provide a separate outline to your paper. Use only the following resource that’s available as an e-Book:ÿThe Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Theology. Be sure to distinguish between paraphrase and direct quotes. Type a 350-750 word paper using MLA formatting. Submit the completed assignment to the appropriate Dropbox byÿno later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.ThemesJusticeServant of GodJerusalemCovenantRedemptionSinLoveSon of ManPeaceFaithResurrectionWealth and PovertyChristSon of GodLordMercy and CompassionRepentanceDeathKingdom of GodWisdomPriestGrading RubricAccurate use of English including careful documentation (including ability to paraphrase and use quotations) and good organizational plan. 40 ptsAdequate research including use of primary source. 20 ptsAccurate and complete reflection of material read for assignment. 40 pts

Paper 1


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