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paper homework. Research Paper (30% total)The research paper (6-8 pages) should address a question about global politics.In writing the paper, you must do the following things:Clearly articulate a central question.Clearly articulate your answer to the question.Explain the significance of the question.Support your answer.Evaluate alternative answers.Use at least 2 sources from class readings.Use concepts from the course. For example:balance of powersecurity dilemmanormscomplianceReference Section (Does not count as part of your page count).Sources:Your outside references can come from the following:1. Books2. Academic Journals (articles from political science or public policy journals are likely to be most relevant)3. Newspapers (it is suggested that you stick to major national papers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal)4. Magazines (again, use major magazines, such as Newsweek or The Economist)5. Primary sources: Government documents, for instance.DO NOT use these sources:1. Wikipedia2. Web content which is not from one of the suggested published sources listed above

paper homework


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