Paper One – Terrorist Organization

Paper One – Terrorist Organization. Paper OneFor this paper, pay close attention to the following guidelines. Keep in mind, college-level research and writing is a process that takes time, and you will likely need to write multiple drafts of your work to create a quality paper. Allow yourself ample time to complete this assignment to the best of your ability.Select one terrorist organization discussed in our textbook.Go to and search for that group.Filter your results to show only those works published this year.Select five articles that interest you the most, and read them thoroughly. (You will most likely need to retrieve the articles from EBSCO host.)In a well-written paper, provide the following for EACH article:The complete reference for the article EXACTLY according to the APA style guide.Explain the problem the author of the article addresses.Explain how the author deals with the problem (the author?s methodology).Explain the conclusions the author reaches in the article.Papers must adhere to the following guidelines PRIOR to submission on or before the last day of Week 2:The first page of your paper will be a cover sheet correctly formatted according to APA guidelines.This paper will use 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point font, and double spacing.The citations for each article MUST be correctly formatted according to APA guidelines. Do NOT use an automated citation manager to perform this function. Do it manually for this assignment and check your formatting against available APA resources.There is no minimum page length for this paper, although requirements 5b-5d should each consist of one COMPLETE paragraph (an introductory sentence, 3-5 sentences explaining key points with citations from the article to support them, and a concluding sentence).This paper does NOT require an introductory paragraph, explicit thesis statement, concluding paragraph, or references page.

Paper One – Terrorist Organization


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