Part 2 Marketing plan Need 2 pages

Part 2 Marketing plan Need 2 pages. the productÿlink & TargetingIn this section, you will identify different market/consumer segments and then select your target segment.Identify three segments that exist in this market.ÿDevelop descriptive profiles/personas for each of these segments. Discuss demographic, geographic, psychographic, benefits sought, and situational & behavioral factors as relevant. Make sure you name your personas and provide some visual (image?) that represents each. I?ll paste an example at the end of this doc.Pick one persona as your target segment and evaluate the factors that make this an attractive target market based on the criteria in the text. Document your sources and any assumptions made.PositioningHow would you describe your product/brand?s competitive positioning? What product characteristics seems to be used to position the product? You can usually find these in the company’s promotional materials (ads, videos, websites, social media, packaging, etc…). Words like “quality”, “easy to use”, and “value” are some examples.Pick two of these characteristics/values and create a perceptual map to reflect the positioning.Do you think the company is positioning the product correctly based on your target segment? Why or why not? What changes would you recommend (if any)?

Part 2 Marketing plan Need 2 pages


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