Personal Computer Fundamentals Questions

Personal Computer Fundamentals Questions. 1. Download an Excel template from by clickingÿOffice, thenÿTemplates, thenÿExcel. Replace the placeholders with your own content. Upload the final spreadsheet to the discussion board. (Be sure not to include any personal information in the spreadsheet.) Answer the following questions:ÿWhat type of template did you download?Did you have any trouble downloading or using the template?What other templates do you think you might use in the future?2. Discuss your experience in using PowerPoint prior to taking this course. What new features have you learned? What tips can you offer to other students? How do you see yourself using PowerPoint in the future? How do you think knowing more about PowerPoint will impact your performance in school or on the job? When responding to other students read their posts and offer any suggestions that you may have, related to their post.

Personal Computer Fundamentals Questions


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