Personal leadership and management

Personal leadership and management. AssignmentContextYour existing qualifications, past employment and personal experiencesand current level of study mean that you intend to apply forleadership and management positions in organisations.ÿ In preparationfor this you wish to enhance your prospects for success by furtherdevelopment of your leadership and management skills.You plan to do this by undertaking some research on leadership andmanagement.ÿ You will then undertake a personal assessment of yourskills and construct and implement a personal development plan.ÿ Youmust file all of this information for future reference, either as anelectronic or hard copy.ÿ As this information is important and will beaccessed, as your future career progresses it must be carefully andsystematically organised.Task 1You must begin the file by preparing detailed notes that:analyse the impact of organisational objectives, values and culture onthe leadership and management roleEvaluate the leadership and management skills required to support theachievement of organisational objectives.Task 2The second section of the file covers a personal assessment of yourskills and development plan.ÿ You must:assess your personal leadershipÿ and management skills and identifythe personal development required to support the achievement oforganisational objectivesassess the opportunities for the development of your leadership andmanagement skillsconstruct a personal development plan with clear objectives to developyour leadership and management skills.Task 3You are now in the position to be able to implement your plan.ÿ Aspart of the implementation you should document all that happens whileyou are implementing the plan. You must:manage your personal development of leadership and management skills.Task 4It is important to learn from the progress you have made in order toplan further developments.ÿ In this final section of the file youmust:review your personal development plan against the original objectivesevaluate the effectiveness of your personal development of leadershipand management skillsanalyse areas for further development and update your personal development plan.

Personal leadership and management


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