Personality Psychology

Personality Psychology. For this assignment, you will review current research in Personality and provide a critical evaluation of that personality research through an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is simply a reference list with a brief summary and analysis of each journal article reviewed. For more information on the required format of the bibliography please click on theÿannotated bibliography template.Step 1: Chooseÿtwoÿof the major personality perspectives:Psychodynamic (use different articles then used forÿWeek 1 Assignment 3)BehavioralCognitiveHumanisticEvolutionTrait TheoriesStep 2: Using the South University Online Library only:Findÿthreeÿjournal articles related to each topic area you have chosen. (Your textbook, Wikipedia, or any other Web source will not be accepted for this assignment.) Be sure the articles you choose are related to personality. Merely because a word like “Psychoanalytic” appears in the title does not mean the article is about a psychoanalytic theory of personality.The journal articles have to be from peer-reviewed scholarly journals. These articles do not need to be empirical studies, but are required to be from primary sources, and will need to be no older than 5?6 years.Step 3: Complete the annotated bibliography including:a 1?2 paragraph written summary for each article.a 1?2 paragraph evaluation for each article including an analysis that incorporates course readings.correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary.APA format including:title pagedouble spacingSubmission DetailsName your document SU_PSY3300_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.Submit your document to theÿW3 Assignment 2 DropboxÿbyÿWeek 3, Day 6.

Personality Psychology


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