Philosophy Intro to Ethics

Philosophy Intro to Ethics. Hello,ÿPhilosophy Intro to Ethics ÿHWI need one page of writing. After download and read the text I already uploaded the file in here, and read about the subject from out side resources, understand it then start writing about your idea. Please no copy or plagiarism. Read the details carefully and start writing. Also, if you get anyinfo from internet please post the resources with out belong the work to you. That means you have to write your own idea.Discussion BoardAfter readingÿKant (2 selections), Langton, Bennet and reading the PDF file that I uploaded in here. answer the question and start writing about it.ÿBennett never mentions Kant in “The Conscience of Huckleberry Finn,” but there is a reason why the excerpt from his famous essay is included in the deontology section of your text. Two questions: (1) How does Bennett’s essay bring out the limitations of Kant’s moral theory? (2) Is reason or emotion more critical to your moral life? ÿWhy?It must be done in 4 hours.Thank you

Philosophy Intro to Ethics


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