PHL/320 (BDS1MQK60)

PHL/320 (BDS1MQK60). This assignment is designed to identify how decisions impact a business. Corporations have an obligation to be ethical at all times. For this assignment; the student will identify potential ethical implications surrounding the decision, and how this may impact the decision-making process. From there, corporate social responsibility will be explained and how it can impact the outcome of decision-making for an organization.ÿAssignment StepsÿIdentifyÿa business in your local community. This can be your current place of employment or a business with which you are familiar.ÿDevelopÿa 1,050-word examination of the ethics and social responsibility practices within the organization.ÿIncludeÿthe following in your examination:ÿSelect a business decision within the organization.Identify the potential ethical implications associated with this decision.Determine the effect this may have on the decision making process.Identify how the organization applies corporate social responsibility to the business.Evaluate the influence that corporate social responsibility has on the organization.Discuss the application of critical thinking to corporate social responsibility.ÿFormatÿthe assignment consistent with APA guidelines.ÿAnswer each question with 100 words or more.ÿHow can managers encourage and promote entrepreneurship to create a learning organization?How does organizational learning and creativity play in helping managers to improve their decisions?

PHL/320 (BDS1MQK60)


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