photography essay

photography essay. Photography is more complicated than click and shoot. It is about telling a story. Even simple portraits can tell complex narratives. These photographs convey ideas, concepts, and paradigms. Sometimes it is capturing a specific moment while many times, it is staging a set or multiple sets, or editing multiple images through darkroom or post production manipulation.The following photographers/artists are known for their commercial and advertising work. However, they all create personal portfolio of images that tell specific stories. For your second Artist Analysis, I?d like to introduce you to this specific group of photographers/artists. When you look at their individual links, please focus on tabs that show ?Fine Arts?, ?Personal?, ?Portraits? or simply ?Portfolio?. Basically, their non-commercial works.Please write a paper:introducing the artist(s) of your choiceexplain the reasons why this particular photographer stands out to you,analyze one or more of the artist?s workexplain the techniquesexplain the narrative/story/message/themewhat does the work remind you of (movies/commercials/novels/etc.)Is this the first time you are exposed to these type of photography? Do the works (you should browse through as many links as possible) fit your notion of photography?Include citations (yup, the artist link is one of your citation)*** remember, you should connect your analysis to your textbook, research you have done on your own, some of the links relating to photography I have introduced previously.

photography essay


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