Physical and Mental Health

Physical and Mental Health. 400 wordsHow were the claims ofÿRepublicans and Democrats evident in the most recent national debate over reforming our nation?s health care system?In fact, you can watch any news program right now, and learn of the new proposed Republican health care plan. ÿIs it important to cover those with preexisting conditions? What about those in need, who cannot afford insurance or medical care? ÿIf a family cannot afford insurance are they simply not given medical care? ÿOr do those in needÿuse the emergency room for their heath care needs? And then, who pays for this more expensive medical care? ÿShould the most wealthy in our Country be given a significant tax break while many others do without? ÿ ÿÿIn your own words, explain the conservative, liberal, and radical-left view of health care in the U.S.ÿÿÿWhich of the three political views do you support? Do you agree with the current health care system? ÿIf not, then what alternative do you propose? ÿAgain, explain.

Physical and Mental Health


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